Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time for a rant!

My DH and I took my sister-in-law out for breakfast today. We went to Gettysburg, PA, to a nice little diner. We had a good breakfast, even though the service was slow...they were very busy. When we were done, we stopped and took a short walk on the battlefield. I don't know if you have ever been to Gettysburg, or have any interest in the Civil War, but that won't make a whole lot of difference here. We walked up to the Peace Light Memorial, if you have any interest in reading more about it, here is a link I have been to this monument many times, but was surprised to see several sheets of plywood, or boards of some type attached to stone walls. As we got closer, we could see that the reason for this is that some bunch of worthless, lowlife, rude, disrespectful, sick, disgusting beings...I say this cause they don't deserve to be called 'people' sprayed graffiti on several parts of the monument. This makes my blood boil!!! For years I have been saying, and I know people who agree with me that one of the major problems with this country today is the lack of respect that 'people' have for each other. It is all about 'me, me, me...what makes ME happy, what I want, you can't intrude on MY desire to do what I want'. What possible thrill could a bunch of scummy little brats get out of doing something like this to a national memorial honoring the war and the men who died fighting it? The only thrill is this, they know that it makes people's blood boil! They want to make people angry by destroying something beautiful and meaningful. If they catch them, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and I don't care how young they are! My husband and I both said that a great punishment would be community service of about, oh 26280 hours, by my calculations, that is the number of hours in three years...and that service should working in national parks all over the country, cleaning, and maintaining them! As I am writing this, I looked up the Peace Light to get the above link, I also came across this, which made my head want to explode!!! When will we learn that by parent's babying their children and letting them get away with increasingly more and more, we have created a whole generation of idiots who have no respect for anyone or anything, including themselves!! I hope the catch they catch these little scumbags and through the book at them, preferably a book made of the same limestone that the monument is made of! They deserve the highest punishment possible for such an act. I feel like an old lady when I say it but 'kids today' and that includes kids for the past 15-20 years don't seem to care about anything...they don't fear or respect the police, teachers or even their own parents, the problem is, the parents are the ones who have made them that way. No score for soccer, you might feel bad if you lose. No outs in your little baseball game, just bat around until every little wimp has had a chance to bat. The game takes hours and there is no point, cause no one can win cause it might make someone sad...they might actually learn a lesson about hard work and playing fair. Guess I have run on enough, stuff doesn't usually bug me like this, but today, this really set me off!!! If you get a chance to visit the Gettysburg area, do it, it is a beautiful place to see, and you will even learn something.

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