Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's Recap...

Now seems like a good time to go back and look at my goals to see how I am doing.

The last set of short term goals I set were these:

1. Eat a more balanced diet (less carbs, more protein and...silly as it sounds...more fat)
2. Stick to between 1300 and 1400 calories a day
3. No Lattes for a week... put $2.00 in my goal jar for every day I don't drink a Latte

How have I done?

1. I really make an effort to eat protein with each meal...sometimes that is a handfull of nuts...I added them to a salad the other day and it was very good
2. Doing well here, I seldom go below 1300 and although I do go over 1400 some days, I rarly go above 1500, my top end goal is 1560 so I am eating a good amount of food
3. I have had one or two non-fat lattes since I started this goal...just like diet soda, the less I have them, the less I want them.

I will review my other goals tomorrow!

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