Saturday, May 18, 2013


I got up this morning and took a walk. We went out for a light breakfast before heading home.  I have been doing my flower gardening in stages.  I love having flowers, but I am too lazy to do a lot of gardening so I did it in steps:

  • Cut back dead growth from last year
  • Attacked the weed-vine that invades everything in our small back yard.
  • Attacked the weed - vine again...and again...finally found some of its roots and dug them out...that was no small task
  • Put down some bags of garden soil...more exercise...they were heavy
  • Put up a wooden border to keep the dirt away from the grass
  • Today I finally planted my Iris', lilies, and Aquilegia
  • Took a break to write my blog
I want my flower garden to be all Perennials so each year I will have a beautiful display without much work.  The hardest part will be keeping the invading weeds out!!

Time for a shower!!

Stay healthy and enjoy the weather!!


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