Monday, March 15, 2010

13 Weeks!!

It has been 13 weeks since I started this challenge to I am down 20 pounds...that is better than a pound a week!!! I started losing even before New Years Day!!

I feel so much had two bonuses
1. I hit the 20 pound lost mark

Wow, what a feeling. I was at work, spent some time talking to a woman who I don't see very often and when there was no one else around she said "you're doing good losing weight...I was checking it out.. you look good" I thanked her and told her how much it meant to me to have her say it. She is heavy, also and I think that those of us in that club really want to make sure that we recognize each other for our successes. It made my day!

I have a meeting on Thursday and I am hoping that I can find one of my smaller skirts that fits so I can wear it...what a great feeling that will be! I am already fitting into some of my smaller clothes. My big pants are fairly new so I am going to have them tailored rather than just get rid of them. I have some older pants that I will either throw out or give to Goodwill.

Oh happy day...I guess I don't have to beware the Ides of was a great day for me!!

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