Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going to the Gym

My husband joined the gym again. I am glad he did, I hope he keeps up with going. He got a three day pass to give someone, so he gave it to me. We are heading out now. We belonged to this gym a year ago and we didn't rejoin cause we just didn't go enough. I don't really want to spend the money, but I am thinking that maybe since I haven't been exercising regularly, I should join. Maybe this time, if I join I will work out more. I would have to set guidelines for myself like, commit to going to the gym three days a week and working out at home three days. If I can get there more, fine, if not, then I will work out at home. That has been my stupid problem in the past. I was working out at home, doing well, decided to join the gym and then got the mindset that if I couldn't get to the gym, I didn't have to work out at all. Stupid, but it is the way my mind works. It is a challenge for me with my work schedule, but I am going to "untry" and just do it! I have to work out at least five days a week. I already did thirty minutes today cause I didn't know he was going to go to the gym. So, off to the gym, then shopping for Easter baskets for the grand kids!

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