Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am feeling angry right now. I don't know when it started, but at some point in the day, while it was a beautiful, perfect day, I got in a bad mood. It may have been when I was talked to in a way that I didn't like...then I found out that the whole process of going to a conference has become a mess! I made plans to go with a group because I wanted to go with a friend of mine and my sister and niece. We are ending up spending way more for the tickets than we would have if we had purchased them on our own and now my friend isn't even going! I don't blame her, she has a perfectly good reason for not going. The thing is that we could have purchased tickets for $79.00 for three sessions, the tickets that they got for us cost $75.00 and is only for two sessions. We thought we had tickets for all three, now we have to spend an additional $24.00 a piece for the extra session. I feel a little better just getting it out of my system and I know that this must be part of God's plan, but I am still annoyed. I know we will still have a good time, but sometimes these post-menopausal hormones take over and I just want to throw someone through a window!!!

There, I feel better now!!!


  1. Hi
    Nice style of writing. Before we start a day, if we read or think or talk bad about anything or quarrel that may affect our whole mood for that day. Because the negatives go inside us and decide what way we go through. That is why Bible says :love your neighbors, because we see them first in the morning when we open our doors.

    ave a nice day

  2. I haven't done very well keeping up with my blog, but I appreciate the comment. It does help me to 'vent' on here on the rare occassion that I have a bad day. I am also glad to find your comment as it led me to your blog which is very interesting.