Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling great to start off a new month!

Wow, two months down for the year and I stand at total of 17 pounds lost!! Soon I will break that awful number and my weight will start with a '1' again!!!! I long for the day!! LOL

Today is the last day of our little 'staycation'. We were going to go away, but the weather has been too unpredictable so we are just taking it day by day.

I have truly made this healthy lifestyle a habit, but I have to keep thinking of it and working to not back slide again...I know how easy that is. Yesterday we took my sister in law out for breakfast to celebrate her is amazing how you can make it through situations that once seemed like 'traps'. I ordered ham steak, a dry bagel and egg beaters. I divided the eggs in half and topped half the bagel with the fat free cream cheese and no sugar added jelly that I brought with me. My sodium was high for the day, but the calories ended up being only what I would have eaten if I was home. I felt wonderful about it...just talked a lot (which is easy for me). I used to be self-conscious when I ate this way, but I have found in the past two months, that if you just don't draw attention to yourself, no one notices or cares what you eat. Sometimes I think it is a form of self-centered-ness to think that everyone is watching me and what I do...does that make sense? Anyway, when I think of it that way, it is easier to stop myself from worrying what others are thinking. If someone asks me if I am on a diet or eating healthy, I simply respond that I am 'eating the way my cardiologist wants me to eat'. This shuts them up and brings us to a different topic of conversation!! Brilliant!!

Time to go for a day trip!


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