Sunday, April 4, 2010

Staying on track

Weigh in day is tomorrow and I am sure hoping for a loss. Last week I was feeling bloated and 'gassy'..I think that is a term my mother would sounds funny, but if you have ever felt that way, you know what I mean!!

This week I feel much better so a loss would be great!

I had a few days last week when I just wanted to eat everything...not feeling that way this week. I even bought some cookies for my mom and didn't eat any when she offered them!! Made a good low calorie supper tonight with lots of veggies...YUM!

Still feel like eating and I have some calories left over, so I better get a snack in before it gets too late. I know that eating late doesn't cause you to gain weight, but it effects digestion and I don't need that!

Happy Easter!

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