Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting Ready for the New Year

Last year I was introduced to Ayurveda As with so many things...I didn't stick with it...but this morning I decided to incorporate some of the things that I learned into my morning routine.  The pieces of Ayurveda that I use I learned from a video that I purchased last year.  Using a Nettie Pot to rinse my sinuses, tongue scraping, skin brushing, and yoga are easy to add to your routine without adding a lot of time.

I started out with the Sun Salutation that the 'You' Dr's address in their book You on a Diet.  Any information that you find on the Real-age or Dr Oz website is really from Dr Oz.  Since we are on that subject...when you see ads on FB or other social network sites that show Dr Oz's face or name claiming that he endorses some pill or is a scam!  I just saw an episode of his show the other day on which he addressed this.  Don't fall for any of those raspberry ketone or green coffee ads...he has nothing to do with them and they may be scam sites.

So...I started off the morning by drinking some room temperature water...this helps with digestion.  Then I did the Sun Salutation followed by brushing my skin and a nice shower.  The skin brushing is really invigorating and helps to wake you up. If you don't like getting up in the morning - try makes getting moving much easier.

I have already started eating more vegetables and plan to slowly add more and more good habits so that this can be the year that I finally get healthy - and bring my husband along on the journey!!

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