Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still going strong

Last Thursday I think I had a touch of food poisoning.  From about 5pm Thursday till Friday afternoon I felt awful!!!  Didn't eat much of anything on Friday either.  Ended up losing another 2 pounds this week. Enough weight loss that my food tracker cut back my daily calorie goal!  It feels great to reach a milestone of 10 pounds!!!

I haven't had a 'free' day since I started this journey in January so I decided I was going to enjoy myself and eat some fun snack foods while watching the Super Bowl...excuse me...while watching the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl!!!  I didn't over do it too badly, didn't stuff myself, but I didn't obsess over what I ate, either.  I have decided to add an extra day of working out this week.  I have been doing 4 thirty minute workouts - starting this week I am going to do 5 thirty minutes workouts.

I really feel good about my eating habits. I stay on track with my goal and even though the myfitnesspal tracker adds extra calories for the workouts that I do - still try to stick to my goal before the exercise is added in.  If I feel that I really need more fuel - I eat more.

Looking forward to another loss this week...I have met some challenges head on - being out of town and eating dinner in restaurants - and have still stuck to my plan!  It is becoming a habit!!!

Have a healthy day!!

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