Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Another year has come and gone. It doesn't seem possible, last Christmas doesn't seem like it was over a year ago! I guess it is true what they say about the years going faster the older you get. The last few years have been good in that my siblings and I have all been in closer contact and have been together more often. Unfortunately, not always for good reasons. On July 26th when I got the call from my sister saying that the nursing home where our parents live called her, I knew it was bad. They said we should all get there. My brother had just been there, so he didn't make the long trip in from Ohio, but the other three of us who live out of town came to visit. On July 27, a Sunday, Dad was gone. That is the one really lasting impression that 2008 has left on me, it's the year I lost my dad. He wasn't in good health the last few years, but he was still here. He really is in a better see him the way he was at the end and to see how confused mom was heartbreaking. She spent almost 60 of her 82 years with him and the dementia prevented her from knowing how to handle his illness. We had to push her to sit with him and hold his hand, I think she thought he was gone before he actually was. Anyway, now I have a guardian angel looking over me. I talk to dad and tell him about what is going on with me. I pictured him sitting with Tug McGraw and other old ballplayers watching the Phillie's win the Series. He spent Jesus' birthday with the Man Himself!

Working a late day today, probably till about 11:30pm, then I will ring in the new year with my DH and soon after fall asleep. We talked about going out to lunch on New Year's Day, but I am still undecided. I may still get a pork roast and some potatoes and sauerkraut and cook it up myself!

Happy New Year!

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