Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday afternoon

I am trying to lose weight, a lot of it. Maybe when I have made some progress, I will tell you how much! I have done it before and it always comes back. I am hoping that by setting realistic goals, I will be able to take it off and keep it off. My DH and I will work together to accomplish our goals. My real start date is January 1, but I am taking small steps now to work toward that day. Today I exericsed with my Wii and did some weight training. I am hungry right now and want so much to order Chinese food just one more time before the big changes start! Should I or shouldn't I? It will depend on what DH wants to do. If he wants Chinese, we will order. If he wants to be 'good' I will make a salad. I don't want a salad, but I do want to be healthy. Hey, if anyone is reading this and you have any diet or exercise tips, I'd love to hear them! If you need some advice, I will give you some: it is a great, free site where you can track what you eat and your exercise, plus read tons of articles with advice, and network with others who are trying to reach the same goals you are. Check it out, you won't be sorry.

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