Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today's ponderings

Last night I went to visit a good friend of mine. She used to be a huge American Idol fan and she asked me if I saw David Cook on the show the other night. We talked about his performance and I asked her who she thought was going to win. She told me her pick, and I told her that I didn't agree. Then she told me that was only really based on looks cause she wasn't watching the show this year so she hadn't seen any of them perform. I asked her why and she said it was 'because of Ellen'. I asked her if that was because she doesn't like Ellen, or because of Ellen's lifestyle. She told me that it was the latter. She went on to tell me that someone from her church told her that she shouldn't support the show because of Ellen being on it and that the only reason she got the job was because of her sexual orientation. She also said that she made the decision herself, she didn't just listen to what the people told her, she thought about it and decided that it was the right decision.

This really got me to thinking. I have a very strong faith and belief in God and Jesus Christ. I don't attend church regularly. There was a time in my life that I knew someone who was homosexual and I confronted him about it and I know that what I said to him hurt him. It was then that I decided that we come across many people in our lives and some of them are going to do things that go against our belief system. I decided that it is God's job to judge these people for what they choose to do, whether it is sleeping with someone of the same sex, sleeping with someone out of wedlock or robbing and or killing people. I understand why the above mentioned people feel the way they do, I just question what good it does. I suppose the idea is to boycott the show so that they take her off to gain back ratings. The fact is, Ellen is funny, I don't care who she sleeps with or what she does in her private life. I know that she is open about her sexuality, but she doesn't do ANYTHING on American Idol that is offensive.

I thought about this a lot today and came up with a question for these people. If your son or daughter came to you and told you that they were gay, would you turn your back on them? Would you pray with them, accept them for who they are? Would you pray that they changed their ways? I had two friends in school who both turned out to be gay and when I found it out, I decided that they were the same people they had been all along and that it wasn't my place to judge them. I guess that is taking the easy way out, it is simpler to just overlook it and as I always say "silence gives consent". If I don't confront them and tell them that I think they are doing something wrong, do they assume that I think it is okay? The person I mentioned earlier knew that I didn't condone his lifestyle, but that I accepted him as a person who I enjoyed working with. If we try to avoid all the people in the world who do things that are wrong or that we don't agree with, we would have to live in a bubble.

I don't mean to offend anyone with this, I just had to get my thoughts and feelings about it out.

I looked it up and the ratings are even better this year than in past years so if people are boycotting the show due to her orientation, there must be a bunch of people who never watched before who are watching because of her. I don't know what that says about us as a nation but face it...we are a nation that also has such fine entertainment as "Jersey Shore" and "The Girls Next Door"...what does that say about us?

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. God says we are to hold our Christian brothers and sisters to a Biblical standard, not non-believers. How can you hold other people to standards they don't believe in? You'll never help them give themselves to God if you condemn them first. Not that we are to hide our beliefs, but it's how we talk about it, our beliefs dictate our choices, not theirs. Good thoughts!