Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almost Half-way

Tomorrow will be 24 weeks since I started this challenge! That means that the following Monday, June 7th will be the half-way point. I started out on December 14 with the 50 pounds in 50 weeks challenge. I have not kept up with posts like I did at the start...I will try to get better at that. I have made such progress and I feel great! Every week I am afraid that I will not lose or that I will gain and I haven't had a gaining week since I started. I lost another pound this week! It is getting harder right now. I want to snack more, but I am conditioned to not snack all the time. My problem is that I have been craving carbs and when I eat them, even if I don't eat too many, it adds the calories up faster, then I still feel hungry and don't have any calories to eat! I have to start eating only good carbs for snacks...carrots, apples...I can do it! I am still losing, keeping up the workouts. I am more than half way to my goal in half the time! I also think it is time to update my goal...even though it won't be 50 pounds anymore...when I started, I weighed 218, so I really need to lose a total of 58 pounds to reach my goal of 160...there, I said it!

See you soon!

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