Sunday, June 23, 2013

Successful week!

Weight loss has been slow the last month so I was thrilled to look down at the scale today and see that I lost 2 pounds since last Sunday!  My Stepson got married yesterday. It was a beautiful day with a lovely ceremony outside. They are having their reception in two weeks, so they just had snacks at the house after the ceremony yesterday. I ate some things that I didn't count in my calorie log - but I took a long walk yesterday morning so it worked out.  I love it when I have success like that, it proves that I can enjoy myself and still lose weight. I don't have to deprive myself all of the time.

34 pounds down and 29 to go...I am more than halfway to my goal!!!

It is funny how our perspectives change - yesterday I was mad cause some of the pants that I wanted to wear were too big for me!!!

Have a great and healthy week!

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