Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow

Just looked out the back door again and yes, it is still snowing...again... I had to change my whole schedule for the week due to the snow last week and had to cancel a meeting cause of the snow this week. I know it will all work out, but it is frustrating. Shouldn't be since there is nothing to do about it. I need to just relax and watch the pretty snow fall! I knew I needed to stop and get new windshield wipers, I was on my way home thinking, I am going to stop and get new wipers and minutes later, one of them popped off and just started hanging there! Okay, I guess they really wanted to be replaced! Now I have a brand new pair of nice RainX wipers. They were expensive, but I feel like I go through them so fast when I buy the cheap ones, it was time to buy good ones and see if they last any better.

I decided on some new goals for myself starting this week.

1. Balance my diet...less carbs, more protein and fat to hit the right rations and keep losing weight
2.Stick to 1300 to 1400 calories a day
3.No lattes for a whole week...if I could stop drinking diet soda, I can stop drinking Starbuck's lattes. This is more in the interest of saving money than it is saving calories since the lattes counted as a dairy serving. They are still more calories and caffeine than I need.

Every day that I don't drink a latte, I am putting $2.00 in a jar (actually it is a Phillies glass hidden in a cupboard...that way I won't see it all the time and think of stealing the money out of it...lol) When it is time for a reward, there will be the money for it!

Stay on track with everything else I am doing:
Exercise, Water, Good thoughts!!

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