Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two more days till weigh in.

I only weigh myself one time a week.  The scale can become an enemy if I allow it to entice me to step on more than that.  This week I am excited to weigh in.  I like to set small goals for myself and if I can reach my goal of losing 2 pounds this week, I will be at a total of 30 pounds lost!!!  What an accomplishment!  It hasn't even been hard.  There are days that I am tired and don't feel like working out. I do it anyway.  There are days that I feel like eating a bag of chocolate chip cookies (the greatest food ever invented) but I don't. I eat an apple or a banana or a cup of yogurt instead.

Something that has helped me is "free Sundays"  I eat what I want on Sunday. I don't count my calories on Sunday. I am happy to say that even when I do this, my healthy habits override some very bad decisions. I find that when I treat myself to a higher calories meal or treat, I fill up quicker and still don't eat too much.  I feel satisfied. This helps me get through the week at times. If I am really craving something, I tell myself that I just have to wait till Sunday and I can have the treat. Sometimes I am not even hungry for it by then.

So wish me luck, I have two more days till Free Sunday Weigh In day!!!

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Stay healthy!!

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