Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weigh-in tomorrow!

Tomorrow is weigh in day again!  I feel pretty good about jumping on the scale.  This week was a challenge - having my calories cut back due to my weight loss was...interesting.  I had one evening that I just needed more to eat - I think that was mainly due to having a sub for dinner. I didn't go over my calorie goal, but I think having a sub that has most of its calories coming from the roll was a mistake.  In order to succeed, I need to eat lower calorie meals.  The rest of the week was good.  I took a walk today - it was quite chilly, but I was happy to be out walking!  I ended up walking 2 miles in 41 minutes - so I got an extra 11 minutes of exercise - plus I am going to do my strength training tonight.

You might enjoy reading this article I wrote about the ups and downs of weight loss that I have experienced, including some advice on how to succeed.

"It is invigorating to lose weight! I feel successful, happy, and thin! However, something always happens to push me off the wagon. I wish I could understand why I do not stop before gaining all the weight back. It happens repeatedly. I lose 20 or 40 pounds and a year later, I have gained it all back.
These are some reasons why I fail:
I'll see you tomorrow for weight loss results!

Have a great night and stay healthy!!

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