Friday, May 17, 2013

hungry days and not so hungry days

I wonder why I am so much hungrier some days than I am on others.  I would think that it has to do with how much exercise I get and what I am eating.  The thing is that I eat about the same thing every day up until supper.  My evening meal varies, but the rest of the day is usually the same.  Today, I was really hungry at suppertime, but was satisfied with my frozen dinner and a bowl of cereal for dessert.  I know, I have an odd diet, but it works for me.  My DH works overnight, so he was asleep when I got home from work - I don't cook when it is just for me so the frozen dinners are great.  Having an apple for a snack now.  I have been thinking about how easy it has become for me to eat healthy.  There are days that I look at the brownies in the display case at Starbucks and almost order one, but I don't. I know that one slip during the week will lead to all the bad habits coming back.  Better to wait till Sunday when I can treat myself without guilt.

I am between sizes right now.  I was wearing a 20 in pants...they are way too big for me now!!! For a while, I could belt them and go without tucking my shirt in, but now they look awful...which is so great!!!  I have some 18's that fit, but some of them are too big and the 16's are zippable, but too tight to wear.  I have some good pants that don't fit, thinking about having them altered.

As you can tell, I am very happy about my clothing situation right now.  There is some other family stress going on so I really need the good news of pants that are too big!!

Almost time for bed...I hope tomorrow is as nice as today...I am off and I can't wait to get out for a walk!!

Stay Healthy!!

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