Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day one...first step

This was a good day!! I didn't want to eat everything that I saw....I didn't eat anything between breakfast and lunch!!! I will get up in the morning and walk on the treadmill. I even sucked it up and put my actual awful weight on my weight watchers profile!!!! What a breakthrough! I think that because I decided to take this journey publically, you, dear reader will help keep me accountable for my behaviors. It seems to me that the first day is always the easiest, I have all this fire and drive to do well. It doesn't last long enough for me to lose anything. I need to do like the girl on What Not to Wear is doing...until I lose the weight, I still need to embrace my body and my self for who I am now. I will not buy anymore clothes until I can buy a smaller size. I don't need clothes right now, so I don't need to spend money on clothes that won't fit the new me!!! Here's hoping tomorrow will be as good as today was! Follow me....

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