Friday, August 14, 2009

Up this morning at 6am. I felt well-rested for being in a hotel, I don't typically sleep well anywhere, but it is worse in hotels. I fall asleep easily, but wake up frequently. I hope this improves with better health. Walked on the tredmill for 15 mins, bike for 15 mins. Back to the hotel room for a shower. When I am eating less fat, I need to remember to take my metumucil every night, that's all I am going to say about that! LOL! Had a banana, corn flakes and yogurt for breakfast. I am thinking of picking something up for lunch so I don't eat food at work. I love the food at work, but I need to cut back on sodium...that is hard with restaurant food!!! It is no wonder we are overweight as a nation!! The pictures of the chocolate lava cake and pizza and pasta stand out above the pictures of what I could look like if I ate Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem food, or did this or that workout program! We are bombarded every day with food, food, eat this...but you must be this....but you won't be accepted if you are fat!!!!!! I stopped watching the food network cause it made me want to eat even more!!! Oh,well, enough of that, I am going to get ready for work!

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