Thursday, January 15, 2009

August 1951...Roy's view

It was raining, but that wasn’t abnormal these days, August had been a very wet month, it seemed like it rained every day. Roy’s friend, Luther had driven to pick up his sister and her daughter and they would be stopping by any time now. Roy was glad that they were coming to visit. Over the past year, his thoughts had often turned to Ellen. He wanted an excuse to go back to Luther’s home so he could see Ellen and her sweet little daughter, Leah. Finally, he didn’t need any excuse, they were coming here!

He heard a car pull up, but was disappointed to find it was just a customer pulling up for gas. His sister Peggy headed out to the pumps, but Roy stopped her.

“I’ll get it,” he said, “You don’t need to go out there and get soaked.”

As the day wore on, he began to think that they weren’t going to show up.

“Maybe it would be tomorrow,” he thought.

“You look like your waiting for someone, Roy, what’s going on?” his mother, Jane asked.

“It’s just that Luther and his sister should be getting here soon, I imagine they will stop here to see Peggy on their way into town.”

“Why are you so anxious to see Luther?” Jane asked.

“It isn’t Luther he wants to see,” Peggy interrupted “it’s his sister, Ellen.”

“Oh, I see. Isn’t she the one who is divorced and has a child? She isn’t exactly the type of girl you need to be running around with.”

“She’s a nice girl, mother, and her little girl is sweet and very well behaved.” Roy countered.

“Luther comes from a good family, mother, I’m sure his sister is very nice.” Peggy encouraged, upset by the way her mother was talking about a girl she hoped to someday have as a sister-in-law.

Jane rolled her eyes and went back to work dusting the shelves in the little store.

The bell rang and Roy jumped, he looked out and saw to his delight that Luther’s car was sitting at the pump. He realized that his hair was a mess from being out in the rain, so he ran to the bathroom to comb it before going to greet Ellen.

Peggy brought the visitors into the store and introduced Ellen and Leah to her father and mother.

“This is my father, Martin, and mother, Jane. Mom, dad, this is Luther’s sister, Ellen and her little girl, Leah.”

“Nice to meet you both,” Ellen said, removing her hat.

“Hi” Leah said. “Where is Roy?”

Just then Roy walked out of the backroom, looking handsome as ever. Ellen was so glad to see him. Leah ran and jumped into his arms.

“Good to see you both again,” Roy said, smiling.

“Your daughter seems to be very fond of my son,” Martin said, “He must have left quite an impression on her.”

“Yes,” Ellen started, “when Roy came to visit us with Luther last year, Leah stuck to him like glue the whole time.

“I suppose I should get you settled in at my place.” Luther said, standing.

“I hope you will join us for dinner tonight.” said Jane, smiling warmly. “I am sure after your long car ride, you will want to rest, but dinner isn’t till 6, will that give you time to settle in?”

“That would be lovely,” Ellen said, thinking how glad she was to have the opportunity to see Roy again. “Six will be fine, thank you.”

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