Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Beginning, Part 3

Ellen awoke early the next morning, dressed, did her hair (for Roy) and went to work baking an angel food cake, all before the boys woke up. They slept late since they were tired from their long trip the day before. After breakfast, Roy and Luther took Leah outside. Roy had a camera and was taking pictures of the Leah. Ellen watched them out the window, as she prepared icing for the cake. Leah was having such a good time, it made Ellen smile to see her little girl so happy! She was so distracted that she burned the icing, but decided to use it anyway; it couldn’t be all that bad.

Ellen prepared dinner and when the time came to gather around the table, Roy was seated next to her. She was glad to be so close to him. As they ate the angel food cake for dessert, she made mention of the burned icing. Roy was so nice; he told her that it tasted good. Ellen felt like hugging and kissing him for the compliment. They spent the afternoon sitting on the porch. Ellen sat with Leah on the swing, hoping all the while that Roy would join them, but he sat on the porch, leaning against a post. Ellen noticed that he hardly took his eyes off her. Ellen was disappointed that Roy didn’t take the opportunity to sit next to her. She didn’t know that the reason he sat where he did was because he thought she was quite lovely and wanted to be able to look at her.

When it came time for Roy and Luther to leave, Leah threw a fit. She cried and hung on to Roy. “I don’t want Roy to leave.” She sobbed. Ellen didn’t either, but she tried not to show her emotions.

“It was so nice meeting you.” She said as she held Leah and tried to calm her down. “Thanks for all the attention you paid to Leah, she really loves you.”

“My pleasure.” He said. “She is a sweet little girl.”

It seemed to Ellen that Roy was trying to look at her as long as he could, trying to ‘take her in’ like he was afraid he would never see her again. When they had gone, all Ellen could think about was how much she wished her brother would bring his friend back to visit again.

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