Friday, January 2, 2009

Start the year off right

Second day of the year...had an odd phone call this morning that my ex husband had given my phone number on a credit card. Of course, my OCD kicked in and I had to call the CC company to find out what was going on. Turned out he probably didn't give them the number, it came up in a skip trace. Now, I read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, so I know what that is...I think. Well, I guess it makes sense since he was arrested for selling drugs last month... Anyway, didn't make anything to eat till 11:30 am, so that was good. Breakfast and lunch in one small meal and I am not hungry. Took my car to have the brakes looked at...I fear it will not be good news. Had a great time doing Karaoke with my friend at her house last night. Playstation is great, we can sing and make fools of ourselves without having to go out in public.

Was just thinking about this cool website my dh found...if you like music, check it out:

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