Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am still sticking to the plan and doing well. On Jeopardy last night they had a category "January". One of the clues was... January 14 is the day that people give up on their______...the question was "what is resolutions?" So today is January 13th and this isn't a resolution anymore. This is a change in the way I live. I still don't exactly enjoy working out, but I know that as I lose more weight, the workouts will be easier and I will enjoy them more. I have cut back on my calories and continue to improve by eating not only less food, but foods that are good for me. I made a late breakfast today, guess I will call it Brunch so that I don't eat any lunch. Too many calories for one meal, but I was full and don't feel like eating anything as I approach noon. Really want to get to the gym today, hope I can convince my DH to go along.

BTW I lost another pound!!!!

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