Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday evening

Today was a day of challenges and I met them all head on!! It WAS easy!!
Challenge one: Stopped at Starbucks: the espresso brownies called to me from behind their glass cage...but I resisted! Hot Green Tea...that was all. Soup for lunch with fat free crackers, an apple for a snack. Supper: Salmon, baked potato, salad with fat free dressing...for a veggie, the choices: Corn (that's not a veggie) and BRUSSELS SPROUTS! I don't like Brussels sprouts, but decided to order them anyway. They are so bitter! I choked a couple down, yum...vitamins!!
Dinner roll, okay, the potato was small and I did so well all day! Challenge two: Dessert cart with 5 whole cakes and one whole pie. I didn't give in! I actually wasn't even tempted...I was in that wonderful place where I don't want to ruin a whole good day with one stupid slip up! I stayed within my calorie range, walked 30 minutes and feel good. I am tired from driving, so off to bed early so I can get up early and get my exercise in!

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