Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Challenge Day!!

My challenge today is dinner out with friends. We are going to Olive Garden so we both went online today to check the nutritional content of the foods we want.  I have it all planned out already!  I know what I am going to eat and how many calories it will 'cost' me. For under 550 calories - I can have a meal that will fill me up and eliminate the normal guilt that I feel when I dine out!  It can be done. I was so happy to see my DH also checking out the menu and deciding to not have his favorite since it is probably the amount of calories one should intake for a whole day!  I got up this morning and worked out for 24 minutes...that gave me a few extra calories - but I won't need them.  We are going to a late lunch at 2 pm so I had breakfast and will probably have an apple to hold me over till then.  Apples are great for this cause they fill you up. I think this is at least partly due to their fiber content.  Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic Website  that shows the fiber content of foods.  Each day is a milestone toward getting healthy!!

Have a healthy day!!

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