Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weigh in day!

It was a cold night...I went to be with a positive feeling about my healthy lifestyle performance this week. I stayed within my calorie range everyday except one and I increased my exercise for the week......Then came the morning!  I woke up and all the old bad feelings about weight loss started kicking in. If you have ridden the same weight-loss roller coaster that I have been on for years - you will probably understand what I am talking about.  You had a great week. You feel good about yourself. You step on the scale only to find that you have lost a pound or nothing at all!  You feel like a complete failure. You shouldn't...and you know you shouldn't, but you do.  I sat there...staring at the scale as if it was my enemy - speculating on what it would tell me today.  I wanted so badly to step on but what if I didn't lose? What if after a week of eating healthy and exercising I was still the same weight that I was last Sunday.  The only logical reason I can find for feeling this way is past experience.  I have had great weeks before and not lost any weight.  I felt like those people on the Biggest Loser.  Working out so hard and losing 2 pounds on TV for all the world to see!!!

Okay..I shook it off. I told myself that if I only lost one or two pounds that was still a good loss. 1-2 pounds a week is a good, healthy, reasonable weight loss goal. But we want every thing NOW!!  Instant news...instant feedback...instant information.  I stand at the microwave and it is taking too long for my soup to heat up.  I stand at a fax machine and it is taking too long for the information to be transmitted hundreds of miles!

The moment of truth...I stripped off my jammies and stepped on...2 pounds!  Well...I have to tell you...I was hoping for another 4 like last week...but what I said above is true. 2 pounds a week is great!

Losing slowly is better. I am not starving myself and I am not working out for an hour a day. I don't have time for that and if I did - I would wear myself out!  I worked hard at work yesterday. I did some training, washed dishes and was on my feet for a longer period of time than I usually am in a work day.  I had good intentions of getting an extra day of exercise in - increasing from 4 days to 5 for the week.  By the time I got home I was tired and I knew that it was a bad decision to try to work out.  I fulfilled my goal for the week. I didn't need to overdo it to add an extra workout.  I felt run-down and with all of this flu going around - I thought it was smarter to get some rest - put my feet into our food massaging thing that my husband's son got us for Christmas and just relax!

It was the right decision.  I felt good this morning. No aches or pains and I did a 30 minute walking workout. I happy with just 2 pounds?...yes and no. Yes because the logical side of my knows that it is do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  No because I want to lose faster!  I decided to measure myself every other week - I guess I think I am more likely to see results over that time and I will be more encouraged.  So my 2 pounds is enough to keep me motivated to keep doing what I am doing and if I lose two pounds a week every week for the next 7 weeks that will be 20 pounds. And 20 pounds is pants that don't fit me now fitting kind of weight-loss!

Go Raven's!!!!

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