Monday, January 28, 2013

product/company review - philosophy®

About two years ago I started using products from philosophy. I first heard of the company on QVC which is where I buy most of my beauty and skin care products. I shop QVC for a couple of reasons. One is that I really don't like shopping, two is that I trust them and their customer service is fantastic, three is that they sell the products that I use and love.

philosophy® sells skin care for your entire body - head to toe. They have some wonderful facial products that, they claim, can give you 'makeup optional skin'. As much as I liked their products, I still doubted that I would ever feel comfortable going out of the house without make-up on.  Yes - I am that bad - even if I am just running to the convenience store to get gas or pick up milk or sandwiches, I have to have make up on my face...well...I did - that really has changed!  I still won't go to work or out to dinner without my face made up.  When I put on my make up I feel pretty - I am not saying I am pretty - I just feel that way. I feel like I have done all that I can do to look my best.  When I analyze myself - I come to the conclusion that even when I am 50 pounds overweight and feel terrible about how my body looks - I can still fix up my face and hair and look nice.  I believe that is why I am so obsessed with keeping my skin clean and young-looking and improving my make up application skills.

Thanks to using the products, I can see a difference in my skin!  The fine lines around my eyes are smoothed out and the discoloration under my eyes is almost gone!  I can now put on a make up primer that they make that has a slight tint to it, but really doesn't add any color to your skin. It just smooths out the texture of your skin and feels and looks great.  Today I surprised myself even more.  Even though I was in the habit of doing my 'make-up light' on days that I have off and am just running to the store - I still had to do my eyes - brows and mascara.  Today is my day off and I had an appointment to get the oil changed in my car. I planned to get up - do a workout and get a shower in time to get ready and take my car to the garage.  But it was so cold...I knew there was ice out on the streets and I just couldn't force myself to crawl out of bed...until the last minute.  I just had time to take a shower and get dressed before I had to drop the car off.  I didn't put ANY make up on...not one bit...not even mascara!!!  My husband met me at the garage to pick me up and decided that we should go out to breakfast...okay so he hinted at Panera Bread - which he knows I love and I said -ok!!  There I was - going into a restaurant to eat breakfast with no make up on!!  No one ran screaming from the building when they saw me. Not one single person pointed and laughed at me!!  I survived!!

I use their Purity made simple face wash at night and exfoliating face wash in the morning. They make a wonderful moisturizer that has been one of Oprah's favorite things and I love it as much as Oprah does!

This is my testimonial to the products that philosophy® makes - they really do work. If they are good enough to give me the confidence to go out barefaced - they must be great!!!

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