Saturday, January 19, 2013


Challenge Day went well.  I apricot chicken at Olive Garden - one bread stick and two bowls of minestrone soup.  Even with that I was under 700 calories for the meal so I had calories left over for some yogurt and fruit later that evening. The really great thing was that I wasn't hungry and didn't feel deprived.

Weigh in is tomorrow...I have had a good week - added time onto my workouts and stayed under or very close to my calorie goals each day.  I add the Myfitnesspal tracker here - click on it and it should take you to the site...I love it cause it is so easy and I have it on my computer - phone and tablet!

Big challenge day will be Monday - we have a family dinner at a restaurant that probably doesn't have the nutritional info online...but I am going to look!

Have a great weekend!

Go Ravens!!!

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