Wednesday, January 2, 2013

exercise plans...

I actually went upstairs to the exercise room and did 10 minutes on the elliptical!! It has been ages since I did that!  It felt good! Wore my pedometer today and recorded over 3000 steps. I know that isn't the goal..that is 10,000 steps a day...but I was so happy that I found my pedometer - I just had to wear it!  What I used to do...and should start again is wearing it all day and if I don't get my full 10,000 steps by the evening- go for a walk or get on a treadmill to achieve the goal!  Trying to decide what the best plan for me to use for eating is...Special K...which would keep me from eating too many quick meals on the road?  I usually find that I can't maintain that plan for long but at least it would jump start me!  We need to stock the house with healthy foods and have them ready to go so that I can't use time as an excuse to eat unhealthy food!

I am looking forward to a healthy new year for both us us!

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