Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Beginning, Part 4

August 1951

Ellen was scrubbing the kitchen floor when the phone ran. She was happy to have a reason to take a break from the job, and even happier when she heard her brother’s voice on the line.

“Ellen”, Luther started, “I am going to be off work for a while, would you and Leah like to visit?”

“Of course, that would be wonderful!” Ellen said, almost jumping up and down. The first thought that came to her head was: ‘I’ll get to see Roy again’.

One year had passed, but Ellen hadn’t forgotten about Roy. She thought of him often and longed to see him again. She had practically been praying that they would meet again.

Luther made the three hour trip to pick up Ellen and Leah and bring them back to the quiet little town he had settled in.
“Do you think Roy will remember me…us?” Ellen asked on the way. She didn’t want to seem over anxious, but she couldn’t help herself.

“He has asked about you, so I am sure he will.” Luther answered with a smile.

When they arrived in town, their first stop was at the gas station and store that Roy and his sister Peggy were running with their parents.

“This is my girlfriend, Peggy.” He said as they climbed out of the car, “Peggy is Roy’s sister”.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luther has written of you often.” Ellen said, but it was hard for her to concentrate, she wanted to see Roy.

“Let’s get out of this rain”, Peggy said as she led them inside.

Finally, Ellen’s wishes came true when she saw Roy walking out of the backroom. Leah jumped into his arms, remembering him immediately.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Ellen and Roy were together every evening. She was in love and so happy that her daughter loved the man she desired, also. Not just any man would want to marry a woman with a young child, but it was obvious that Roy adored Leah and also wanted children of his own.

After Ellen went back home, she continued to correspond with Roy. They were deeply in love and although many miles separated them, their hearts were as close as the pages of a book.

Ellen hoped and prayed every day that she would be worthy of Roy’s love, that they would marry and spend their lives together. She knew that their love would last forever, growing stronger over the years. She longed to be his wife, to take his name and to give him the children he wanted. Now she had to wait to see if he felt the same, she thought he did, and waited anxiously for the day of his proposal.

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  1. nice story, you also have some real nice photographs on here, you take them?