Friday, January 9, 2009

Car troubles...

Last week I noticed that my brakes were making an awful noise, so I took it to the dealer where I bought the car, they do all my service. It is walking distance from the house, so very convenient. I took it to them on Friday, January 1. They called back to tell me it needed a caliper, brake line and pads and rotors...for a total of $555.00. I didn't really have a choice, so I told them to fix it. They said the parts wouldn't be in till Monday. I asked if they had a loaner car and they said sure, come over and pick it up! Several years ago, I thought of getting a Buick LeSabre, but that didn't mean that I wanted to drive a 1995 one as my loaner car!! Beggars can't be choosers so since it was free...just make sure it is full of gas when you bring it back...I didn't complain. It didn't look that bad from the outside, except for a mark along the door where it looked like some decorative strip had been ripped off. When I sat in the car, I realized what I had been taking for granted in my little Malibu. The following are excerpt from the conversations I had with myself and the car over the next week..."where are the flipping cup cup holders...not one...single cup holder?!" "why doesn't the radio show me who is singing that song the way my XM Radio is a person supposed to live this way?" "I can't believe I have to put the key in the door to open it" "come on now, there has to be a cup holder in here somewhere!!!" "at least the heat works" "at least my GPS is portable" "at least the trunk opens from inside" "I can't see the cruise control buttons, they are hidden on the turn signal thingy" "When I get back in my car, I am gonna keep reaching for the gear shifter on the column cause that's what I am used to after driving this car for almost a week!!" "At least the delay in getting the parts is delaying having to pay for the work" "I found it...cup holders, well hidden, but I found them, of course they are rickety and my cup is hard to get into it, but there is a place to put my coffee" "who sings that song? Why won't you tell me who sings that song?" "oh, how nice, it's day 6 driving this thing and the battery is dead!" "oh, how nice, it is day 7, I have to be to a meeting in fifteen minutes, I am two hours away from home and the battery is dead again" "Thank God, my car is done!!!" "thank God, my car allowance check arrived so I can pay for my car" "Thank cost $90 less than the estimate" "I don't want to hurt your feelings '95 LeSabre, but I am gonna be really glad to have my little car back".

Thursday, January 8th:Even as cluttered and dirty as my car is...I was sooooo glad to have it back. Two sturdy cupholders...XM radio...clicker to lock and unlock the control on the steering wheel where I can see it...No dead battery...brakes that work many days will it take till I stop reaching for the gear shifter up on the column...IT'S ON THE FLOOR! Oh and did I mention? I can have two beverages at once and they don't tip over...I love my cupholders!!!

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  1. man, you crack me up! did you really talk to the car like that! I would think twice before taking a loaner car from those dudes again.