Friday, January 16, 2009

Man, is it ever cold!!

It is so cold here! 7.6 degrees at 8pm! I have the weekend off, dinner planned with a friend tomorrow night and I am not going to feel like going out. DH mentioned the other day that Tuesday shouldn't be too bad 'cause it will be up in the 40's! BRRRRRRR!

I was challenged at work today. A decision that I made was questioned and there was a back and forth with two co-workers. We ended up with a good compromise, but it is very frustrating when there are two people who you want to trust and you know that one of them has to be lying. It's done and it is always a learning experience for me. I am going to set quarterly goals for myself cause I have been in this job for almost two years and I want to be better at it than I am!!! My mantra this year...stick to my guns!! When I make a decision and feel in my heart that it is the right one, I am not budging unless someone has a valid argument for why it should be different, then I will listen and we can work something out. My confidence has increased and will continue to increase the more I allow myself to be strong and assertive. Success and improvement in 2009!!!


  1. Goal Setting is a great way to motivate yourself and to show your superiors that you really have an interest in improving your performance! good job and good luck.

  2. That's what I am hoping for!!!! Thanks for visiting!